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Where There’s Smoke is a weekly podcast that explores self-development through the filter of current events, pop culture, and experience. We surf the zeitgeist through an array of audio clips, quotes, concepts, and conversations.

In the spirit of The Daily Show and This American Life, we throw everything into an audio centrifuge that separates “what” from “why”. You walk away with insights and actionable solutions to improve your business, relationships, and almost any area of your life.

Nov 10, 2015

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” That’s Steve Martin’s advice for anybody looking to be successful. We hear some form of this idea from countless actors, musicians, athletes, scientists: Do good work.

This week, we attempt to unpack what “good work” truly means. We’re talking about “quality” - specifically as it pertains to situations where we are looking to break into a particular profession, get a promotion, or create a successful product. In those situations, doing “good work” requires us to understand what is expected in a given space and then be able to create it ourselves.

Joining us in this conversation is Franklin Leonard, the founder of The Black List. We also hear from author and speaker Jon Gordon, and receive some emails from the author of The Martian, Andy Weir.

Oh, and we talk about getting struck by lightning. Don’t ask, just listen.

Franklin Leonard


Twitter: @franklinleonard / @theblcklst

Jon Gordon

Twitter: @JonGordon11


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