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Where There’s Smoke is a weekly podcast that explores self-development through the filter of current events, pop culture, and experience. We surf the zeitgeist through an array of audio clips, quotes, concepts, and conversations.

In the spirit of The Daily Show and This American Life, we throw everything into an audio centrifuge that separates “what” from “why”. You walk away with insights and actionable solutions to improve your business, relationships, and almost any area of your life.

Jul 20, 2018

Brett has a secret, that’s not really a secret, but that you might not know about. WTS Studios (aka, Brett & Nick) have released another podcast called ‘How To Be Better’. It is out right now! Really. Search for it, subscribe, listen.

The show is basically Where There’s Smoke in a new outfit. All 73 episodes of WTS are being re-released over a 73 day period. Quick math … that’s a show every day! And we are inviting you to join the #BeBetterChallenge, both to better yourself AND for a chance to win a free Where There’s Smoke t-shirt (“Say Whaaaaat?!”)

Here is the link for How To Be Better on Apple Podcast:

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