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Where There’s Smoke is a weekly podcast that explores self-development through the filter of current events, pop culture, and experience. We surf the zeitgeist through an array of audio clips, quotes, concepts, and conversations.

In the spirit of The Daily Show and This American Life, we throw everything into an audio centrifuge that separates “what” from “why”. You walk away with insights and actionable solutions to improve your business, relationships, and almost any area of your life.

Mar 3, 2015

"Fish discover water last” is a French Proverb. It’s meaning is that when we are completely immersed in something, we are oblivious it is there. It is only when are pulled of it, that we can see how immersed we were.

This week we leap off a viral rant by Gary Vaynerchuk and discuss the state of criticizing, complaining, and gossiping in our workplaces, our lives, and our world. What’s really going on? What are the costs? Who’s paying them? And what can we do about it?

We have a powerful conversation with Will Bowen, the founder of A Complaint Free World. He tells us the five reasons why people complain and we challenge you to use one solution to rid yourself of all of them.

Also, we not only answer last week’s question of “Who’s Listening to Us in Ghana?”, you actually get to meet him in a cool (and old timey) “Listener of the Week” segment.

Guest: Will Bowen

Learn more about Will at

Twitter: @WRBowen


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